Chemical Delivery

ARCADIA provides both in-house manufactured systems and those by manufacturing partner. Our systems are optimized for quality, efficiency and safety intended for chemical transport and/or preparation to wafer fab high purity chemical processing equipment. Our line of products are intended for the mid range market segment - between the highly-priced systems by the premium, top international brand and the economy systems by customer's local fab support fabricators. Built with top quality material and industrial components, our system follows (and exceeds in selected models) CE & SEMI guidelines.

Current System Design and Options:

  • Chemical delivery from chemical source to customer's process equipment

  • Precise blending (mixing) of chemical - up to 5 chemical components in one system (4 chemical + DI water)

  • Inline chemical analyzer

  • Temperature control - heating / cooling of chemicals

  • Flow-control: precise flow rate chemical delivery to point-of-use

  • Pressure-control: precise pressurized chemical delivery to point-of-use

  • CMP slurry delivery system with pressure or flow control

  • CE & SEMI S2 certification available

Current Product:

CFS with mixing
Portable CFS
Portable CFS with pressure control
Portable CFS - CMP slurry
TRS Slurry Supply System
TRS Mix & Pre-Heating Module
TRS Chemical Delivery
TRS Chemical Dispense Module
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