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Chemical / Temperature Analyzer

ARCADIA partners with CI Semi to provide state-of-the-art technology for in-line, in situ, real-time processing monitoring for semiconductor & related factories. ARCADIA markets and provides full system integration, application lab, warranty support and inventory management in the region of Southeast Asia.

Among the leaders in the industry for more than 25 years, we use a variety of latest technologies to match customer's requirement:

  • NIR Spectroscopy

  • NDIR

  • Pyrometry

  • Conductivity

Wet Process Chemical Concentration Monitoring

The WetSpec line of wet process concentration analyzers offers cost effective solutions for in-line wet chemistry monitoring.  These products range from conductivity and NDIR solutions for simple chemistries concentration measurement, to spectroscopic systems for measuring multiple constituents and residues in complex solutions.  The main concentration monitoring application that are served by CI Semi’s products are cleaning (SC1, SC2…)  etching (HF, BOE, MAI….) and photo resist strippers  (EKC,  ACT, Piranha….).

In Situ, Non-contact Wafer Temperature Monitoring

NTM line of non-contact temperature monitors offers high end pyrometry products for the measurement of wafer temperatures during process.  The flagship of the line, the NTM Delta, incorporates real-time, same point emissivity measurement and compensation making it the ideal solution for in situ monitoring for processes such as RTP, CVD and PVD. The NTM family is also used by leading tool manufacturers.


The entire NTM product line offers a variety of pyrometers, with and without emissivity measurement, from visible to short (NIR) and long IR wavelength.  These pyrometers can be used for in situ true temperature measurement and/or reflectivity (single wavelength) during production. 

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