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Enhanced Functional Water

Feature Product: XRCO2 - Cutting-edge CO2-DI application

ARCADIA and our technology partner provides an unique XRCO2 solution to wafer fabs. Our equipment provides super high saturated concentration of CO2 in DI water to customer existing process equipment to meet cleaning, static removal, neutralization and etching needs.

Uniquely developed in the U.S. and patent pending, our XRCO2 equipment utilizes non-membrane dissolving technology and has been installed at over 10 major mass volume wafer fabs - particularly in replacing the solvent NMP as an intermediate rinse in wet solvent processes.  .


  • Substitute for NMP and IPA as intermediate rinse in wet solvent cleaning process

  • Wafer cleaning in wet process

  • Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUV) mask cleaning

  • Photolithography reticle cleaning

  • Photolithography wafer spin-rinse process

  • CMP rinse process

  • Photoresist residual removal

  • Cleaning in wafer dicing process


  • Major cost savings for wafer production

  • Rapid Return-On-Investment (ROI) for customer

  • Environmentally green - no chemical to buy and dispose!

  • CE and SEMI S2 3rd party certified

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