Chemical Waste Treatment

Feature Product: de-Peroxide - innovative removal of H2O2 in waste H2SO4

ARCADIA and our technology partner provides an enabling solution to wafer fabs. Our equipment, using our patented catalyst recipe, removes H2O2 content from 4-7% in waste H2SO4-H2O2 solution to less than 50ppm concentration. Our 5 and 10 CMD (cubic meters per day) equipment model has been successfully deployed in over 10 mass volume production wafer fabs.


  • Environmental green and friendly

  • de-H2O2 equipment meets and exceeds transportation regulation after reduction of H2O2 content

  • Reduce risk and cost in transporting untreated, explosive waste H2SO-H2O2 to reclaim / re-process facility

  • de-H2O2 equipment is low energy consumption (unlike distillation)

  • Small footprint

  • Capable of further diluting to desired H2SO4 concentration after reduction of H2O2 content

  • No Cl2 nor metallic contribution in decomposition process

  • Redundant design, dual containment for safety priority

  • In-line titrator provides batch process data

  • CE and SEMI S2 3rd party certified

  • COSTS - potential to turn a continuous expense into a revenue stream!

  • Rapid Return-On-Investment (ROI) for customer

de-Peroxide equipment main unit
de-Peroxide sub-modules
de-Peroxide equipment module layout
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