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Spinoff of NexGen Wafer Systems

Originated from our 2011 reorganization, ARCADIA had a master plan to develop, manufacture, and market a completely new platform of wafer processing chemical processors - a path that is completely new and independently from our SEZ refurbished business with novel design, concepts, IPs and applications. The goal is to incorporate a new vigor and state-of-the-art smart technologies to bring a product to market for a long term sustainable business.

Within this 5-year span, we are thrilled our hard work come to fruition and we have successfully constructed a viable business model from concept to product to market. Thus starting Jan 1, 2017, ARCADIA had officially spinoff NexGen Wafer Systems (short as NexGen WS) and transfer all new equipment business into it. NexGen WS is a separate, independent company from ARCADIA with its own identity and focus; NexGen WS will operate as such in order to grow and give its best support to its customers.

​​For our customers, please refer to official announcement letter document for details.


Please visit NexGen Wafer Systems at

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